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The Polka Dot Chair

I WANT TO MAKE THIS!!! Another blog found from aimless internet wandering ūüôā As we all know I’m on a bit of a skirt sewing kick – and now that the weather is turning (much to my dismay – I’m so not ready to say goodbye to the summer sunshine) I know I’ll be spending a whole lot more time at my sewing machine! This has promptly been added to my list – a fantastic tutorial from The Polka Dot…

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Malibu’s Minions #thesearethedays #puppies #photooverload

Despite numerous google searches, I totally missed it and didn’t know Malibu was in heat. #rookie¬† But she was – and Axel did not miss his chance(s). Consequently she became large with child ¬†puppies. We were coming home from the condo on her 8 week due date and our friend texted to say she was showing labour signs. So we prayed we’d make it in time.¬† And we did. Because she went to 9 weeks.¬† I came home from work…

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Let’s Talk About Stupid Pool Rules #thesearethedays #stupidpoolrules #thumbsdown

The kids and I recently spent some time with my cousins in Northern Alberta. Because we had a few errands to run in Edmonton on one of the days, we decided to find an outdoor pool and make a day of it. ¬†So we (my cousin lol) googled *fun outdoor pools* – and the first to come up was Oliver Outdoor Pool. Check out this photo! Now, I don’t know about you but we thought this pool looked awesome! The…

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A Small Fortune…But Worth EVERY Penny. #thesearethedays

You may remember my issues with the OUTRAGEOUS cost of photos from my first experience swimming with the dolphins. A friend and I went while away in the Mayan Riviera, and nearly fainted at the $350 price tag for a cd of images. I mean, come on! And while I wasn’t in any way, going to spend close to that this time around, I knew I wanted the cd. The price was still outrageous, and I’m sure I could have…

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Dreams Come True with Vallarta Adventures #thesearethedays

My parents gifted each of the kids $100 for their birthdays this year, to spend on our holiday in Mexico. Incredibly generous and a wee bit ridiculous, I know. But, as Brooklyn said, *They love us!* And they do. These kids are seriously spoiled rotten – but I wouldn’t want it any other way. BUT – I did not want to come home from Mexico with $100 worth of STUFF for each kid. Oy. So I came up with a…

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These Are The Days {and a new look} #thesearethedays #makingmemories

Have you noticed the changes? I mean, they are kind of hard to miss. lol But I must visit my blog 5 times a day JUST to look at it. I am in LOVE with the new design {from Peaches and Cream Designs}. IN LOVE. Wanting a new design is the easy part….deciding what exactly you want is a whole different ball game. I am indecisive at best – so the conversation sort of goes like this: Um, I like…

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I Dream Of Faraway Places #madetoholiday #thesearethedays #makingmemories

I don’t spend hours on Pinterest like I did in the beginning. Part of that is I have gotten busier and therefore made less time for it, and part of it is shifting my focus from PINNING, to DOING. My pinterest is filled with Cute Kids Stuff, Food I Love, Inspiration, Things That Make Me Laugh, and more…so much more. I love looking through each album to get new ideas or remember something that has helped me….but the one that…

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A Good Follow-up #makesmelaugh

I told you in a recent post that despite being happily married, Brent can drive me CARAZY!!!! Marriage can’t be perfect ALL of the time. It’s a shame really, though I suppose it keeps us appreciating the amazing times and committed to putting in the effort to make them the norm. That being said…..this makes me laugh. I’m sure you can all relate ūüėČ p.s. I think it goes without saying that I never annoy him ūüėČ…

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