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A Small Fortune…But Worth EVERY Penny. #thesearethedays

You may remember my issues with the OUTRAGEOUS cost of photos from my first experience swimming with the dolphins. A friend and I went while away in the Mayan Riviera, and nearly fainted at the $350 price tag for a cd of images.

I mean, come on!

And while I wasn’t in any way, going to spend close to that this time around, I knew I wanted the cd. The price was still outrageous, and I’m sure I could have bargained a bit, but I went for it. $170 for the cd of images and the cd with the video, PLUS 8 printed photos. AND, he included a second set of cd’s so my mother in law could have a copy as well.

I paid the price for a couple of reasons. 1. Because I wanted ALL of the memories and 2. THIS:

Inspiring Change

I love me a company that reaches beyond themselves and knowing that other children are able to have this experience just does my heart good.

It was 100% worth it to me.

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