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7 thoughts on “Giveaways & Reviews

  1. Dietta Kinkley

    Wonderful offer !! We have fallen on hard time and this is my daughters favorite store!!! A $50.00 gift certificate for christmas would be wonderful !!!

  2. Deidra Friesen

    I’d love to wear these clothes to work!
    I’m glad my boss is ok with yoga clothes!

  3. Nicole

    Sounds great! Let me know your shipping information and the product you would like to try and we will get started! As far as the review goes, we ask you refer to our website for information on the specific product you are reviewing as well as include the link to our website. As far as the giveaway goes, we ask your readers to like our facebook page and comment which product they would be most interested in trying if they won. When you select a winner, we will ship the product of their choice out to them the day we get all their info. If you have any other questions, let me know!



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