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Easter Simplified #makingmemories

I have a habit of going overboard. It’s so easy to justify getting the kids many different things because *they will just love it*…but before you know it, you have overfilled and overindulgent gift baskets, with items that get lost, broken, or simply forgotten about within a short period of time. Our kids are 8 and 5…we know this story all too well. And we are committed to making a change. Keeping this in mind, we were able to *inform…

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Who Does That? #hugeblessings #payitforward #makingmemories

Well folks, the time has come. The Squealy truck has met its maker….gone to the heavens with other death trap vehicles. A few weeks ago, while at McDonald’s with a friend so our kids could run crazy in the germ-infested play place, Brent came running in on his lunch break saying the brakes seized on the truck. He’s so lucky it didn’t do that while I was driving. He took my vehicle {my friend has room for all of us},…

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