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  1. Jessica Ostrander

    Not sure where to contact you so I’m leaving this comment. I saw your blog and would like to offer a free decal give away to your readers. I specialize in designing playful and humorous decals for laptop computers. 
    If this interests you 

    Just let me know which decal you would like for review and where to send it. 
    Once you post include a link or two to ( preferably the link would be named “Mac decals” or “Macbook decals” instruct those who would like to enter your drawing to leave a comment below your blog post review of which decal they would choose if they won. 
    When you have a winner, just let me know where to send their decal or choice.  

    Thanks for blogging about interesting topics. I hope that the giveaway works out.
     – Cheers, Gary

    1. cutelikeme Post author

      I am definitely interested. Thanks for reaching out 🙂 Could you please take a minute to send the info to me via e-mail? – – and I will be sure to reply asap {tomorrow evening}.

      Thanks again – I look forward to working together!



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