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These Are The Days {and a new look} #thesearethedays #makingmemories

Have you noticed the changes? I mean, they are kind of hard to miss. lol But I must visit my blog 5 times a day JUST to look at it. I am in LOVE with the new design {from Peaches and Cream Designs}. IN LOVE. Wanting a new design is the easy part….deciding what exactly you want is a whole different ball game. I am indecisive at best – so the conversation sort of goes like this: Um, I like…

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Another hunt for #Equal Low Calorie Sweetener at McDonald’s {with #Cbias}

Well it’s true. I’ve got Equal on the brain! Everywhere we go – everytime I see a food counter or eat in a restaurant or cafe I am on the lookout. Tonight my friend and I went for another lovely *date* to McDonald’s on the hunt for Equal Low Calorie Sweetener. This time we chose to go to the West Lethbridge location, specifically because neither of us had ever been inside this particular one. First impression? A great feeling –…

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Looking for #Equal Low Calorie Sweetener at McDonald’s with #Cbias

I grew up in a fairly health conscious family, both immediate and extended. Our sugar intake was carefully monitored as young kids, and even now, though my children often indulge more than I am comfortable with – sugar intake is high on my radar. I would love to be able to offer them treats without the worry of high caloric intake and the need for dental work (I seriously get cavities *looking* at candy). I can’t say I’m worried about…

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Liebster Blog Award *On My Birthday*

  Well let me tell you – I’m just tickled pink! Today on my fabulous 31st *Sweet 16* birthday, Cute Like Me Blog has been recognized as an *up and coming* blog….and as such, I’ve been awarded with the Liebster Blog Award. From who, you ask? Well another most fabulous blog – QueensNYCMom won this award as well and has passed it along to me and 5 other blogs that she felt deserved special recognition. So HUGE thanks go to…

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