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Upcoming Sewing Projects {What did I decide?}

You might remember my recent skirts pattern post where I listed several different etsy patterns I am DYING to try. Well, I finally made my decision – wanna know what I chose AND which fabrics I have coming?

I had quite a difficult time deciding – I mean, I want to do them all but knew it would be silly {and eat up a good portion of my fabric budget} to order them all at once. I’d still have to decide which one to do first. lol So I had it narrowed down to two and honestly went back and forth throughout the day – the final deciding factor? Price.

I decided on the Jessalyn Ruffle Skirt by ViolaLee Patterns – $6.42.

And while the price was certainly appealing, what really sealed the deal for me was the *BUY 4 PATTERNS FOR $20* offer – so I was able to get these three patterns as well {CAN’T WAIT}.

I am excited to do the Penelope Ruffle Skirt, but I am REALLY excited for the Annie Lee Pillowcase dress particularly since ordering fabric – here is some of what I have coming.

From fabric2quilt:

from Pink Door Fabrics:

and from fancy pants fabric:

and let’s be honest – there is so much more that I want!

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