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{My} Happiness Project ~ January Wrap Up #happinessproject #thesearethedays

It’s already February – how did that happen?!

Before I can get into the goals and plans for February, I need to do a bit of a January wrap up. So let’s get to it.

January’s Goals were to increase energy by:

Going to Sleep Earlier

Exercising Better

Tossing, Restoring, Organizing

Tackling a nagging task

Acting more energetic

1. Going to Sleep Earlier – I sure had good intentions, and most of the time was really good about crawling into bed between 9-10pm, but for a good two weeks I did not sleep well. Keeping our dogs separate was exhausting (Malibu was in heat…or their behaviours were such that I was much too chicken to take any chances). I also had both dogs in bed with me a lot, which meant minimal room to stretch out and fighting to pull my blankets. Nevertheless, I’ve continued to tuck myself into bed early to give myself time to unwind.

2. Exercising Better – Going in I knew this would be the most difficult aspect for me, and it proved to be in every way. So to avoid setting myself up for failure, I decided to use my exercise time a little differently and instead of doing an actual workout, I spent time outside with the dogs. Luckily, it also doubled as one of my nagging tasks so it helped boost my energy simply because I felt like I was accomplishing something.

The dogs did not complain about the increase in exercise

Or about the increase in love and attention

3. Tossing, Restoring, and Organizing – Ah yes…do you find the chaos of stuff can bring you down? And yet, the weekends seem so short that there’s hardly enough time to simply maintain, nevermind make progress. But I’ve sure been trying. I’m planning to go room by room, either donating or throwing away anything that we don’t use or need. And either making a home for it in the room it’s in or finding a new place elsewhere in the house. I tackled my bedroom corner and jewelry collection this past weekend, and am thrilled with the results. We also have an elliptical and treadmill in our basement that just don’t get used. So I want them out of here. The treadmill (my sister in law’s) has gone to my mother in law’s for her to try and the treadmill is going back to my parents’ to get some love. This will open up our basement tv room a bit, so I can get one more space organized. 

BEFORE {I know, total chaos}

AFTER {Soooo much better}

4. Tackle a nagging task – As mentioned, the dogs have been on my mind a lot. I’ve been so happy to spend more time with them, but this winter weather simply ruins my life. I enjoy having them in the house, but I don’t love that I HAVE to have them in the house. Once their dog house and dog run is completed in the spring we’ll be able to have them outside again more even once winter comes again. Anyway, going out daily has been really fun and I’ve enjoyed the time with them.

I’ve also tackled a few other tasks – sorting my individual spice packages (it doesn’t take long for it to get out of control), putting together a family home evening binder for myself and two cousins (have one done…finally picked up the additional page protectors to complete them this weekend), sending a few things in the mail, blogging, and completing some sewing projects that are over a year old! To honor one of my ten commandments to *do it now* I have also really made an effort to do things as I think of them, when I have a window of time to do it. This too has made a huge difference and I can attest that tackling these things definitely boosts my energy.

For my sister in law – I’ve had these for almost 2 years I think. Eep! 

For my other sister in law {over a year}, a friend {recent}, and Brooklyn {recent}.

5. Acting more energetic – Pretty sure I’ve failed miserably at this. haha I blame poor sleeping completely though because it has definitely had an impact on my energy. Luckily I am naturally wired to be happy and energetic, so I don’t really have to *act* that way…but I also don’t fake energy when I’m dragging my way through a day. lol

All in all I think January was enough of a success. It’s not so much a matter of not being happy and therefore needing to find ways to be moreso. But rather, finding and doing things that help maintain and/or improve that happiness. Getting things done and more organized is huge for me, so January has been especially to great to spend more time focusing on those things. 

Now, onto February! 

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