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It’s Quilting Time…

In the next few weeks I will be taking on another large sewing project….this time another quilt. But not like the memory quilt I made my mother in law, a quilted quilt…..lol

And I am so excited!

I toyed around with the idea of making one for our bed, but the truth is, I am SO undecided on what our colour scheme will be and what I want the overall look to be, I think the planning would be more stressful than the quilting. Not a good combination for my first one.

So I’ve settled on making one for Brooklyn’s room, which has plans to be a beachy themed room {Jonah’s too}. And I want bright, happy colours. Which is why, when I saw this quilt and immediately smiled, I KNEW it was the ONE.

This Mango Tango quilt from All People Quilt {thanks Pinterest for bringing us together} is perfect.

mango tango quilt

Now…to order the fabric….

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