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Editor’s Choice Award from Pocket Change at Become.com!!!

I am simply squealing with excitement….an e-mail earlier in the week informed me that Cute Like Me’s *exceptional site* {direct quote} was being awarded the Editor’s Choice Award from Pocket Change {a part of the blogging network at Become}.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Every blogger knows that the review and giveaway opportunities are fun {so fun}, and the networking with other amazing bloggers and companies create lifelong friendships….but to receive an award…recognition for content to call attention to all the time and effort {the fun work} put in….well that’s just incredible. And I am so grateful.

You can see the nifty blog award on the right sidebar. AND if you click that *nifty* button, you’ll be taken directly to Pocket – an awesome blog directory of Become’s online shopping and price comparison sites {you’re welcome}.

Well, Congrats to me….and you know, congrats to all of you. If it weren’t for readers there would be noone to blog to! It’s because of all of you that I get so many great giveaway and review opportunities {with more to come}. And it’s because of you that this just gets more and more amazing. So thank you so much – and stay tuned, there is soooo much more coming!!!! {could this be compared to an Oscar speech??? I’m wearing Costco and Walmart Couture. lol}

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