The First Snowfall *My Pinterest – Photos I Love*

Put in my *Photos I love* category, I had to share. I have a healthy envy for the person who sees this out their window…it’s it breathtaking!

The First Snowfall - Duluth, Minnesota

8 thoughts on “The First Snowfall *My Pinterest – Photos I Love*

  1. Sue Hallstrom

    I LOVE this picture. We also love Duluth. Did you take this photo and is there any way I can get a print of the photo? Please let me know who took it and if I can communicate with them to see if I can get a print. Thanks for sharing.

    1. cutelikeme Post author

      Hi Sue, I have no idea who took this photo…it was not me (though I’d love to claim it) – i found it on pinterest..and clicking on the photo (just now) didn’t yield took me to a site (sunsurfer) but nothing showed up on the page.

      sorry, wish I could be more help – check this out (just found it) maybe you can contact the person somehow this way?? It’s a few photos down

      good luck…it’s a gorgeous photo

    1. cutelikeme Post author

      nope, never found the photographer….can’t say I’ve looked though-but yes, it’s an amazing photo! And I would love to have it on my wall

  2. Gaylynn

    Photo shopped….under the tree is pure white leaves not snow..
    The rest of the trees in the whole pic…not one has any leaves left..
    That much snow could not happen…without taking most of the leaves off the tree…all in all beautiful pic…great photo shopping


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