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Heirlooms *Feeling Lucky*

Years ago, my dad entered two drawings into an art competition – and was awarded first and second place. He’s kept these two pieces in a portfolio bag since then…until two years ago when my mom decided to get them framed for his birthday. It re-ignited his love for art and he started really getting into it. What resulted, aside from some really gorgeous pieces, were some pretty incredible heirlooms that I know our family will cherish forever.

First up, Brooklyn. A photo taken while spending the day at East Glacier in 2009.

Photo taken by moi

And the pastel drawing that resulted:

Original Artwork by Wayne Fleck

 And Jonah. With just a snapshot taken at my parents house 🙂

Photo taken by moi

And of course, the pastel drawing that resulted.

Original Artwork by Wayne Fleck

I love them…and love that we have such amazing and displayable heirlooms, something our kids will have from their *Papa* as they get older. Are there any special heirlooms you have for you or your kids?

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