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Mexico Vacay *Playa del Carmen*

Everyone says it’s a must see…you’re so close, it’d be a shame not to check it out for one day. And the shops….that’s where you should go! So, with the advice of our trusted Air Canada Representative, Roberto (roll the *r*) we set out for a fun morning of shopping.

Because we really didn’t have huge shopping lists, we didn’t find a whole lot that was appealing – well, except perhaps the $10 purses that my friend and I bought 7 of between us (can’t go wrong!). It was a fun outing for sure and definitely worth seeing at least once. And truth be known, because it’s so close and not huge, it’d be a nice little outing to make each time we’re there (we plan to go back often). They have every brand name you can think of and of course the typical mexican booths and stores as well. Every souvenir imaginable, plus there are convenience stores as well (though bring your own chips…Doritos are $8 a bag!!!!). It’s a great place to go if you are running low on sunscreen (and don’t want to pay the resort prices) or need to pick up some little momentos for yourself or friends/family back home.

Everyone loves Playa del Carmen. I think it’s worth visiting for sure, at least once. Oh and by the way, my $10 purse is still holding up strong after nearly 4 months of constant use – not too shabby I’d say.

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