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American Girl *Saving Up*

Well we’ve been bitten. Actually, we were bitten just over a year ago now but are finally comfortable with the idea of having one in our home. American Girl isn’t your run of the mill $30 doll, so for us it was important that our daughter be at an age where she could understand the value of taking great care of her things, as well as the value *somewhat* of money. She understands when things are *on sale* (that’s my girl) or *too expensive* and has helped save up for different things (Disneyland, Nintendo DS). Hopefully we are getting there.

Every time her magazine arrives she gives the same gorgeous smile. She promptly parks herself on the couch or deck and goes through each page pointing out every item she wants (which is nearly all of them). Her doll of choice?

Kit Kittredge – due in large part to the movie (have you seen it? It’s worth watching for sure)

I love the movie and think the storyline is great. For months after, Brooklyn played *news reporter* and even *typed* on the typewriter at my aunt’s house for about an hour. I love seeing her play out storylines and am happy with the lessons/messages in this movie.

While I love Kit (I really do), my personal favorite right now is Kanani


It’s probably no surprise…I love all things tropical, beachy, and am hoping they do a movie about this doll. ūüôā

Brooklyn is saving up this year to buy a doll (no doubt, Kit) and some accessories and we are excited to have 1 item instead of 30 join the family after Birthdays and Christmas. It will be a welcome change from years past. In an ideal world, I’d be able to take her on a mommy/daughter vacay to one of the American Girl Stores and let her pick our her items there (how fun would that be!!!). But, for now I suppose we’ll stick with some good ol’ online shopping – aaaand the excitement when the items arrive in the mail!

Which doll is your favorite?

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