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California Trip – She left her {laptop} in San Francisco

You read that right…we arrived at our next destination (Yosemite Lakes Park) only to discover that Radelle’s laptop was missing. Where, you might ask did it get left? Well, funny story really…

While in the lobby at the Radisson Fisherman’s Wharf, waiting for me to bring the vehicle around, Radelle made a stop at the cafe to purchase a tea. She set her laptop down on the lower counter and said to herself *Self, don’t forget your laptop*, paid for her tea, and promptly walked away. Seriously.

And as a result we had to get the Radisson to overnight her beloved laptop to her friend’s house in Yosemite Lakes Park. Their customer service and attention to the matter was greatly appreciated and we did receive the laptop the next day (though I admit the delivery man could have put the pedal to the metal a bit more as it arrived about 2 hours later than expected).

I am also pretty sure the Radisson is where my favorite hat went missing…but no such luck in locating it. ūüôĀ Thankfully I was able to order another one¬† HERE (where I originally bought it last May on holidays) and am waiting for it to arrive!!

But yes, a lesson was learned…not only to NOT leave the laptop on the tea counter but also NOT forget about it there. LOL


And no, this wasn’t the end of our adventures…

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