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Mexico Vacay *Lapis Jewelry Factory*

We though it would be a fun little outing…nothing wrong with laying on the beach or by the pool every day but it is fun to be able to change it up a bit. And a free excursion – even better!

So off we went to the Lapis Jewelry Factory, where we were told we would be able to watch the pieces being made, etc. Sounds cool right?

It was, for maybe the first 2 minutes…at which point we were herded into the back room, assigned our own sales(wo)man, and slowly taken through the room to look at each piece. Don’t get me wrong – the pieces were beautiful, and if I had any interest in buying jewelry while there it maybe would have been a place I would have really liked to go. But the prices were so much more expensive than I anticipated (ie $500+ for a simple men’s chain) and I have a personal dislike for the personal, one-on-one sales approach….it’s kind of overwhelming. I didn’t want to buy anything. at all. but also didn’t want to be forceful and potentially rude about it.

bottom line….beautiful jewelry, incredibly high prices…and everyone that was on the tour couldn’t get out of their fast enough. It just wasn’t our thing or quite what we were expecting. But again, if it’s what you are looking for, check it out…it may be just what you are looking for.

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