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California Trip – {Santa Cruz}

Well – somewhere along the way I got my photos and dates mixed up….I posted that we had a beach day in Monterey – and we didn’t…it was here in Santa Cruz! LOL So here’s the link to that post – it really was an awesome day. But one of the things I really loved was the Boardwalk behind us. Everything was closed of course (too cold…not summer) but it was so neat to see..It reminded me of the fairs/amusement parks from the 50’s – which I love. I can just picture it in the peak of summer…filled with families, couples, young kids….all the bright colours, games, and rides…it just makes me happy. I’d love to go back when it’s in full swing! Doesn’t it look amazing!

**The only downfall was there wasn’t a usable bathroom anywhere in sight…**


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