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Find the perfect gift…at findgift.com

For anyone!!! Seriously.

I happened upon this website during one of my many random google searches and was immediately hooked. I have yet to purchase something but am just waiting for the opportunity to knock (perhaps I should treat myself to a birthday present lol).

Check it out – Using the handy little *gift finder* on the left, the site takes you through a small survey based on the recipient of the gift, which then lists items that match the criteria. I think this is an especially awesome tool for weddings, baby showers, or other celebratory events. It’s absolutely awesome…

Just for fun I’m going to select a woman who is my friend, between the ages of 25-30. And the ocassion is a Baby Shower. Here are some of the items that came up:

Silly Safari Diaper Cake - $117.95

Oh Crap I'm Having a Baby - $7.99

It's a Girl Basket - $49.99

First Steps Footprint Frame - $39.95

Friendly Froggy Diaper Cake - $117.95

Sonogram Frame - $14.99

And just for fun, let’s do one more! Let’s say A couple between 31-40, for a housewarming gift. Here are a couple of the items (I want that globe!!!):

Home Run Appetizer Serving Tray - $24.95

Lapis Brass Arc Stand 5 Inch Gemstone Globe - $99

Big Head Coasters - $19.95

Stay tuned for some more fabulous finds from Find Gift – and take a few minutes and see what you come up with. This could very well solve the Christmas shopping stress! Have Fun!

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