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My Busy Week….

It’s Dance Recital Week…..arguably the busiest week of the year for me. It started tonight with Jonah’s preschool concert {last one ever}, and continues with dress rehearsals for dance Tuesday and Wednesday, and follows up with performances Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night. I also have a baby shower to attend thursday night and another I am helping plan for Sunday afternoon.

Busy but super exciting week.

As a result, my blogging will be minimal…but instead of just leaving you to read and re-read my *Vegan* post {which by the way I failed at today with McDonald’s for dinner after Jonah’s concert} I thought I would do a bit of a Wordless Wednesday A DAY kind of thing. A little photo album of sorts to keep you company while I am BUUUUUSY!

To start it off – Sand Somersaults at Arbour Lake in Calgary {I LOVE it there and love having people who live there…or know people who live there and get invited….and then invite me. awesome}


LOVE that my kids are beach bums babes like me!



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