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My Favorite Things To Build Memories #Hasbronews #fishertoys #thestep2company

You might remember THIS post where I talked {for the hundredth time lol} about how much I love holidays – and why. And how I really love the idea of putting them as one of our family and financial priorities, instead of on THINGS. STUFF.

Backyard Memories - Summer 2011

But, there are some companies out there whose products I LOVE and think are must-haves and really help facilitate some amazing memories. Because, let’s face it, we can’t  holiday ALL the time {bummer}.

California Memories {Mission Beach} - May 2010

From Fisher-Price:

The Imaginext by Sky Racers Tornado Prop

This series of toys is AMAZING. We gifted some to our nephew for Christmas and both he and Jonah LOVE them.

Little People Happy Sounds Home

It all starts with the Happy Sounds Home – I LOVE all things Little People

and watching my kids create storylines is/was pure magic

Kawasaki KFX with monster traction

Okay we don’t have one, but we’re DYING for one. A fantastic product for outside

play – backyard or camping – that creates HOURS of fun!

This one is high on our wish list.

Alphabet Peek-a-Blocks

We have a lovely collection of Peek-a-Blocks and Peek-a-Balls that we love and will keep for years.

We also love all the fun accessories {like the gumball machine}

that you can buy for them {though I admit I like the Hippo the least}

From Step2:

Adventure Lodge Naturally Playful Playcenter

We have had this in our backyard for about 2 years now and still LOVE it.

All of the Step 2 Playcenters are amazing!

Tropical Island Resort

I love water tables – perfect for all ages, outside AND inside.

This one looks amazing and easily accommodates more than one child

{check out thisfabulous review at My Organized Chaos – LOVE it}

Lifestyle Grand Walk In Kitchen

Strangely, I think this would be an amazing as an outside toy. I don’t love all the accessories making a mess inside the house, but it would be so fun to play with this outside in the sunshine. I know my kids would love it.

From Hasbro:

Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Darth Tater

Would it make you laugh to know that Brent got this for Christmas a few years ago?


Many, Many memories were made playing this as a kid. This is one we need to get for our little family.

The Game of Life

I used to play this to help predict how many kids I’d have. lol We typically play this on our

ipod {gotta love technology}, but I still think there is nothing like the real thing.

Connect 4

Can you tell I love games? Lots of memories with this one too – I love the fun and strategy.

And that it’s a great game to play as a family {even the little ones can help place the pieces}



I used to be SO good at Memory – it’s a little disheartening to see how my memory is changing. LOL

What a great game to play though – and the kids LOVE it!

**Disclosure: I am not currently a blog/brand ambassador for any of these companies. Though I certainly would like to be – I genuinely value these companies and their products {specifically those mentioned}. All opinions and experiences are my own**

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