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The Polka Dot Chair

I WANT TO MAKE THIS!!! Another blog found from aimless internet wandering πŸ™‚ As we all know I’m on a bit of a skirt sewing kick – and now that the weather is turning (much to my dismay – I’m so not ready to say goodbye to the summer sunshine) I know I’ll be spending a whole lot more time at my sewing machine! This has promptly been added to my list – a fantastic tutorial from The Polka Dot Chair!

In addition, I want to make this completely adorable matching skirt for a doll :

I absolutely love both skirts (though personally prefer the fabric on the doll version) and can’t wait to try them out.

Some changes

I’m making some changes to the blog (okay I’m paying someone to do it for me. lol) so it will likely be down for the next couple of days.

As a result I’ll be extending the Hapari giveaway until next week (more details to come) and there will be additional ways to receive extra entries!

Stay tuned!!!!

OfficeMax – Elf Yourself

I see them every year…and every year I laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants *nearly*. I finally got my act together to do one of our little family and again, can’t stop laughing! It’s particularly funny for me because my husband is a big of a grinch (slowly but surely he’s coming to the festive side of things) so seeing him as an elf doing a disco jig – is almost too much!

Enjoy!!! I can’t say I won’t do more than this one, but for now..Disco it is!

Check it out HERE


The Surf version – because we have a love of surfing in this family


Foam Curlers – The Trick

I’m sure you all remember them – bubblegum pink foam curlers that we sported overnight for some lovely locks in the morning. It’s a pretty fond memory for me though I’m not entirely sure why…but I was SO excited when my daughter wanted to get some at Walmart one day. *hip hip hooray* They were only $10 and a fun way to bring some of my childhood into her life. And they aren’t just pink either, but yellow, green, and blue as well!!!

So I did the typical, bath – wash hair – sit and watch movie while putting curlers in. The result….of course curly hair. But interestingly, this past weekend she wanted curly hair for the following day and it was already much past her bedtime and therefore past *squeezing a bath in* time. So I improvised….Spray bottle in hand I went to work. Lightly damp and a few final spritzes of water before wrapping her in the adorable head scarf that came with the set (WE BOTH LOVE IT).

And the result?? The curliest hair I’ve seen EVER from foam curlers (as in – her hair is normally almost to her butt…and it was shoulder length when I took the curlers out!). It was perfect….upon trying it again another night with freshly washed hair I realized it just doesn’t dry enough to have the curls REALLY set in. So I’m sticking with the spritzing method as it worked like a charm! The curls stay in so nicely all day and even through a second day. I was so impressed…and it really only takes a few minutes to put them in.

Thought those of you with little girls might appreciate the tip! I love sharing these moments with her – we’re building memories…and hopefully one day her little girl will want them and she’ll remember. πŸ™‚

We’re off to see the Wizard…

Oh yes!!! I am SO excited and have been keeping this secret from my darling daughter for weeks now! WEEKS!!!!

My mom is taking us on a fantastic girls night to see the Wizard of Oz on stage! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

In the past few months my kids have started loving the movie, which just warms my heart…and to be able to take Brooklyn to see it on stage (SHE LOOOOOVES THE THEATER) is just going to be magical. Especially since she’ll be able to wear her adorable red glitter shoes (thank you Target!!!).

I will of course let you know how it is! But for now, it’s time to get the rest of the afternoon finished up with so we can get ready to go!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!

Ringing in the big 3-0

It’s true….this year I celebrated the start to a whole new decade. I was completely freaked out – not so much because of the whole turning 30 thing (though it does sound weird to say)….but because ALL OF A SUDDEN I am 30. The past 10 years have gone by SO quickly that I’m worried in the blink of an eye I’ll be 40…Life is going so quickly and I want to make sure I REALLY enjoy it….remember it….and love it.

I really think that is going to be the best phase of my life (and yes i thought that when I turned 20…and yes it was true, I did get married and have our 2 kids in that time – among other awesome experiences)…and I wanted to do something to start it off with a bang.

So here’s what I did – my cousin and I and our three kids (my two and her one) took off on a three week adventure to California and had a FABULOUS time!!! Despite having weather that is unusually cold for California, we spent our time in t-shirts and flip flops, welcoming any and all shocked faces and questions – it really was nice weather for us.

In total – through three weeks of traveling,Β  we drove over 52 hours (not including stops) and 3314.67 miles.

Wanna know where we went? That’s the best part and I have been so excited to blog about it…the hotels, the activities, the beaches, the spontaneity – this was a seriously fabulous way to ring in this new decade of my life – I jokingly called this my *mid-life crisis vacay #1* making room for many more.

First Stop: Lindon, Utah!

Surfing Competition Cocoa Beach

For the past while I have been *dreaming* plans up of taking the family somewhere to watch a surf competition. Brent and I have discovered a real love for the beach (I always knew I had it…but May’s trip to Mission Beach put it in full force) and think it would be so fun to watch a surfing competition….Brent would love to take lessons and get good – I’m a disappointing wife and am much too chicken (there are sharks in that water!!!) so have no plans of joining him. But how fun would it be to watch a real competition?!!

I happened upon this one on Cocoa Beach in Florida – during Easter break which works perfectly with kids in school and such. Plus, I love Florida and haven’t been there since I was a kid – I’d say I’m due for a visit back πŸ™‚

So THIS is where I want to go….rent a beach house (would love one with a pool), get some friends together, and just have a great time in the sun! It would be awesome…and while it’s not too likely to happen, I’m willing to just tuck it into my dreams for now πŸ™‚

Scamming the Tooth Fairy

Or keeping the magic alive. LOL

My daughter has it down….she is building quite a little relationship with her tooth fairy. It all started in April when she wrote her tooth fairy a letter asking for a toy. Now, when my friend’s daughter made the same request in exchange for her tooth (instead of money), her tooth fairy replied saying “I am not Santa Claus” Heehee. Anyways, Brooklyn had not at that point not even lost a tooth (I know!)…but I guess her tooth fairy must think she’s pretty special because the next morning there was a PS2 game under her pillow (I sure hope she shops at walmart during their sales). She also left a little letter telling Brooklyn she wouldn’t be able to bring presents all the time but that she sure loved getting her letter. Naturally, Brooklyn wanted to write her the next night, but we reminded her that the Tooth Fairy is very busy so she waited….a couple of months πŸ™‚ In June, after our trip to Disneyland, she wrote the tooth fairy again. Knowing that she had saved for 2 years for this trip (she really did….just call her the bottle collector!) but had just spent it on the holiday, the tooth fairy left her some money to put towards the other items on her want list.

Shortly after this, she wrote again….but this time the Tooth Fairy simply wrote a letter telling her how special she is….and expressed regret at not leaving anything this time.

I’m thrilled that she is building this relationship with her tooth fairy – there is something pretty magical (and so special) when she comes bounding up the stairs with pure delight holding the letter and any gifts that were left. They are only little once…I wish I had thought of it as a kid!

This is the little stamp the tooth fairy leaves at the bottom of every letter