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People Make Me Happy #fillmycup #thesearethedays #passionforlife

I can’t explain the impact that people have on my life. Specifically meeting them and making new friends – like the butterflies and giddiness of a new love interest – but even just the energy of people coming and going. As I write this I’m sitting in our local Starbucks just people watching. And my cup is full; I may never go home.

Kidding {sort of}.

Recently I spent the weekend in Lake Louise with my cousin – okay so I totally invited myself initially and later she was kind enough to actually invite me. Haha {smart cousin…I totally would have pouted lol} – aaaanyways, I stopped in Banff for gas and was immediately smitten. I am ashamed to admit that I forget how beautiful the mountains are. I mean, I’m a beach and palm trees girl through and through BUT the mountains – these gorgeous mountains – are without a doubt, the next best thing.

mountains lake louise banff these are the days people passion

The energy was exciting…people coming and going, on vacation or living/working there….happy, smiling and laughing. The weather was gorgeous, the view was stunning….and in these moments, Life was GOOD!

The entire weekend continued this way – time with my cousin, laughing with our waiter, chatting with people in the hot tub…I sat for a bit in the lobby {while my cousin was shooting a wedding at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise} reading and just watching people – again, taking in the energy.

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Because my regular daily life does not allow for a whole lot of in person connection {work, gym, kids, repeat}, I do live the bulk of my relationships online. But that can be even more fulfilling {SOMETIMES} because you can really get to know people – who they are, what they do, what makes them tick, goals and dreams, places they’ve been, experiences they’ve had. Good grief, I’m excited just typing about it.

A lady I used to share an office with was telling me about the mission trips her and her husband have been on, including living in Tonga for 2 years. I could not get enough.

I wanted every detail.

I’m also obsessive {and owning it} about Instagram – I’d say social media in general, but that would be a big fat lie. Instagram is my jam. I love SEEING what people are doing, where they are going and the experiences they are having – the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes, especially the ugly. Keep it real, my friends….

The bottom line is I need people. Period.

What are you passionate about. What is one thing in your life that absolutely fills your cup, brings you happiness and makes you tick?

This isn’t the only thing for me, but It’s at the core of every other one for me – cooking, working and travelling to name a few.

Also, I’m still in Starbucks, and still seriously considering how I can stay here 😉

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