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Whitefish {Our Week In Review} #makingmemories

We spent the last week enjoying a blissful family getaway to our condo in Whitefish. Normally we go with Brent’s entire family, but this time, it turned out NOONE could come. So, for what will probably be the one and only time, we had it to ourselves. What did we do?

Invite friends of course!

Now, we would have loved to invite several of our closest friends, but that would have resulted in about 15 kids – which in a 2 bedroom {+loft} condo, would have been nothing short of CRA-CRA!

So we invited some friends that we tend to spend the most time with {ie dinner and games at least 3 times a week – usually 5}. Also the friends that help out with our kids while I’m working {ever grateful}. And somehow, even with all this time together, our kids ask for each other on the days we don’t. ūüôā

They were only able to stay a few days, so we did all our shopping then Рspending far too much, and loving every minute of it! The time not spent shopping, and the days after they left were spent swimming!  These weeks at the condo are the exact reason our kids know how to swim. One entire week spent swimming at least twice a day can only yield positive results. And it was so fun to see their kids too Рa little better and a little braver each day. Ptarmigan Village has quickly become one of our favorite places to go Рand the highlight of each year for our family.

Their kids too. Upon arriving home, their youngest {3} Miss A exclaimed, *I don’t like my home! I wanna go to the condo!!!!*

And that about sums it up – because we all feel the same way! Here is a recap of some of the memories we made!


Best $10 purchase ever! Costco – 2 Aquazookas = LOADS of fun!


Miss A and her mama – being hit with the water!


Jonah and B – Tag Teaming!

¬†What I don’t have photos of is the half hour water fight that resulted between the adults – husbands vs wives {girls won of course haha}. No photos because we were all in the water.


Learning how to do flips courtesy of *Uncle T*


Flip….Dive-ish….it’s all the same, right?


Miss A jumping into her mama’s arms!


There we go!


Superman! {Photo does do it justice as I cropped it…but he is completely airborne!}


B – Air Ninja!


Playing with cars – yes we got each of the boys the same ones. lol


Ah, snuggled into bed to watch tv and read


Playing cards


Brooklyn’s new *victory dance*


Cozying up by the fire


Watching tv while cozying up by the fire – in his favorite way {NUDE!}


The one and only photo of me from our trip….and it’s on the way home! lol

This week was awesome and we can’t wait to go again {Summer!}. Hopefully we can take a trip with all our friends sometime and make memories with them too!

We {heart} Whitefish!

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