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Brent and I have been married for 10 years. And in this time, we’ve NEVER had a bedding set. In fact, we’ve actually been using a Star Wars quilt one of Brent’s ex-girlfriend’s made for him.

for real.

Until now…..while in Whitefish this past week I happened upon a Queen bedding set in ROSS – one that caught my eye right away aaaaaand was only $35!!!!! I haven’t bought one up until now because I never liked one enough to want to spend the money….but $35 is awesome and we LOVE the pattern. PLUS it gives a blank-ish canvas to work from when we renovate the upstairs bonus room into our fabulous Master suite. Bonus!

So here’s what we have been sleeping on:

Here’s the breakdown:



Quilt made by his ex-girlfriend


Quilt made by his Grandma


Random sheets and mismatched pillow cases lol

And, aside from our horrendous and hideous blinds, I am in love with the final transformation.



Isn’t it fabulous!


I love all the contrasting patterns….


And the sheets are reversible, so either pattern can be at the top. love.


we have a bed skirt!

The whole room has a different feel and I’m totally smitten! As in, I walk by several times just to look at it.

Brent is devastated to not sleep with his grandma and ex-girlfriend anymore….um, that sounds wrong on so many levels. Nevertheless, both quilts will remain as permanent fixtures in our home….just not as our bedding.



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