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I’m A Genius – Part II

I love when I have a great idea. I tend to dream big, so often have to scale back before my ideas can become reality. But this one – this one was immediate, simple, and perfect.

I’ve talked recently about how we are trying to shift our focus as a family onto making more MEMORIES instead of having more THINGS. As a result, we’ve been really trying simplify the amount of STUFF we have in our home. Room by room, drawer by drawer, we are removing what we don’t use/need and reorganizing what we do. It’s a slow process, but effective. And I am loving the results.

You already saw how I organized my makeup – and I couldn’t be happier with it. I also sorted through the 7 drawers in our built in kitchen cabinet {hutch and buffet} which involved our card games {we love cards!}, tablecloths and placemats, and some of the kids items. Namely puzzles.

Now, we LOVE puzzles. The kids have loved them from early on, so we have a wee collection. Nothing excessive {surprisingly} but enough that we were running out of room in the *puzzle drawer*. It’s those pesky boxes, really…but I like to keep them so all the pieces stay together AND the kids still have the picture to reference.

{Insert genius idea}

It’s simple really. Place puzzle pieces in a ziploc bag and cut out the picture from the box. Perfect fit!



Now they all sit inside the drawer nicely – no more pesky boxes to find room for – and everything is where it needs to be.


It’s okay, you can say it..I’m a genius ūüėČ

**What great organization tips do you have?**

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