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I’m A Genius – Part I

I have never had a makeup bag. Honestly, I’ve just used random ziplocs and other cosmetic bags I’ve come across over the years. None of them have really proven super effective and let’s be honest, makeup gets things dirty!

And then I had the genius idea to use a container I’d been previously using for craft supplies. And WA-BAM! My bathroom counter is now clean and tidy….each item has a place…each place is staying organized….AND I know where it all is. Now, my makeup collection is also not huge, which is why this particular method might work. But you could get 2-3 of these and organize them to your heart’s content.

I am in love.


As you can see, the top drawer is holding hair elastics. I can’t be the only one who ends up with them everywhere BUT where I need them. I hate searching for one, and discovered while doing this little project {and reorganizing our bathroom drawers} that I had about 5….count ’em FIVE….half pack of elastics. Time to get things together. So I have elastics and clips in the top drawer.


See…only a few ūüėČ

And my makeup is separated between the remaining drawers in order of use and with like items {ie. eye shadow together, blushes together, etc.}. I love being organized – but unless I have a specific and functional place for an item, it doesn’t always work out.

But this, THIS I can do!

**Also, if you have a larger makeup collection are looking for another way to organize, check out how Emily Maynard organizes her makeup. It just might work for you too!**

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