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Dreams Come True With WestJet #makingmemories #familyvacation #dreamscometrue

Well, The Prize That (Wa)sn’t…..now, IS!

If you follow along on my facebook page {shame on you if you don’t}, you would have seen that Brent came home from work this past week with a new and extended prize for the WestJet tickets! *happy dance*

Our family vacation is going to happen after all! The kids are going to be SO excited!!!!

We will be staying at Paradise Village in Puerto {Nuevo} Vallarta….and playing it up with the kids in the sand, pools, and on the fabulous alligator slides!


We knew the kids would be thrilled and while I wanted to do a huge production to tell them, we couldn’t wait. Here’s their reaction…..I love it! From pure excitement that they are coming with us, to disappointment that it’s still a few months away {this fall}.


Take a minute and head over to my facebook page to check out the video – it’s .7 too big for this site ūüôĀ But it’s definitely worth watching. My kids crack me up!

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