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Making Memories EVERY Day {#Free #Activitiesforkids}

One thing I’ve really started focusing on is putting the effort in to making memories. Making the conscious effort to create them EVERY day. It doesn’t have to be big things all the time like Disneyland or Beach Vacations, though those are obviously wonderful, but little things in the every day and making the time to BE together – enjoying and learning together. I mean, we’ve always made memories and spent time together, and LOVED it. But it’s been a really fun experience to make it such a high priority.

Brooklyn and Mommy, Mission Beach, California 2010

I remember my cousin once saying she tried to get a good belly laugh out of her son at least once a day. I’ve done it ever since….there is nothing like that sound and in those moments, happy memories are being made. Or watching the kids enjoying those moments together – it does my heart good.

Here are some easy {and free} ways you, too, can create lasting memories as a family:

*Getting that belly laugh every day

*Snuggling in bed for a few minutes in the morning

*Playing airplane with your feet {child is airplane….you know what I mean right?}

*A few minutes of tickling always does the trick here….belly laughs and memories!

*Jumping in puddles if it’s rained

*Making hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and chatting while you drink together

*Include your child{ren} in cooking/baking

Jonah loves to help in the kitchen

*Visit the pet store

*Visit the library

*Go to the park and push child{ren} on the swing

*Collect bugs together outside {we go on ladybug hunts}

Not just collecting, letting them crawl all over too!

*Try a new craft

*Do something you’ve pinned on Pinterest {instead of just pinning it} – check out ours – day one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight

*Make a fort

*Read a book

*Play Go-Fish {or another game}

*Pack a picnic and surprise dad at work ūüôā

*Curl up and watch a movie together {it helps to turn off your phone and computer lol}

*Do a scavenger hunt

*Ride bikes

Backyard 2012

*Walk to a friend’s house and visit for a few minutes

*Eat freezies

*Go to a new park

*Paint nails together

*Watch interesting videos on YouTube {ie animal, insect, or science ones}

*Do puzzles

*Do a fun photo shoot

*Do a Science experiment {volcano, plant beans, grow green onions, etc.}

*Tell Knock Knock Jokes

*Visit a farm

We love horses

*Make shadow animals

*Do housework – but make it fun!

*Track down a large box {ie tv, fridge, etc.} and make a playhouse

*Make milkshakes

*Take at least 5 minutes and hold your child while talking about their day {and actually listen! lol}

*Draw a picture

*Walk a dog {yours or a friend’s}

*Go to a Splash Park

*Plan a dream holiday {Brooklyn once asked if we could just look at photos of Mexico online….didn’t have to ask me twice!}

*Do Yoga or other stretches/exercise together

Storyland Yoga 2012

*Write a letter to someone they love

*Play catch

*Have a nap together

*Have a picnic in the family room or backyard

*Go to the beach

*Look through old baby photos together {of you and the kids}

*Turn the music up and DANCE!

*Face paint {if you’re brave}…

Not the traditional face painting….but a pencil eyeliner did the trick!

*Blow bubbles

*Play in the snow {when it applies lol}

*Dress up in Halloween costumes

*Bubble Bath! {My kids love them}

*Watch hairstyle videos on YouTube and try them on your daughter

*Create a BB gun shooting range {Brent’s activity lol}

Shooting pop cans with Dad!

 *Look in the sky for cloud shapes

*Help them sew {I let the kids do the different decorative stitches on some scrap fabric – they loved it!

They thought it was so cool!

What activities do you like doing with your kids? Which ones have I missed?

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