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California Trip – {Orchid Suites, Roseville}

While I like staying in hotel chains I am familiar with, I also really like the idea of trying something new, with the hopes of finding another great option. So when booking our hotel in Roseville, it was no surprise that the Orchid Suites caught my eye. It took me a while to decide on it, but despite the other options, I just kept on coming back to it. So finally I went for it, booked it, and kept my fingers crossed.

Honestly, we had a GREAT experience. The rooms were clean and nice, and we all slept really well. The laundry services were a reasonable price (though one of the rooms wasn’t in working order) so I was able to get some laundry done as well. But the best feature about this hotel, by far, was the unbelievable complimentary breakfast.

It was like nothing we’d ever encountered….at least not for free!!! There was of course the usual toast, muffins, cereal, and fruit….but they also had bagels, english muffins, yogurt, a waffle station, and a hot food station filled with freshly cooked (by the cook behind the counter!!!) scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, sausage, etc. It was amazing! We were happy, our kids were happy, and we were certain to start the day off right!

I ran into a gentleman in the laundry room who stays at this hotel a couple of weeks per month for business. He has done so for about 7 years and said the breakfast is one of the biggest reasons he kept coming back in the first place…I can see why!

I was REALLY impressed with our stay there and am certain that if we ever find ourselves in Roseville again, we’ll be making our reservations at the Orchid Suites. I don’t honestly think I’d even bother looking at anything else….there’s no need. So definitely check it out if you are in the area!!!

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