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OASAP {and why my feet are so happy}

About a month ago I was thrilled to be approved as a fashion blogger for OASAP. I got busy shopping online, trying to select the first item to review.

It was a toss up between a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, but since clothing fits can be tricky I opted for the shoes for the first go around. Besides, everyone can use another pair of shoes right?

I know I can {husband, don’t deny it}. These are the beauties that caught my eye immediately:

swoon {photo taken from website – personally photos coming soon}

So I waited anxiously for them to arrive and squealed with delight when they finally did. Shipping was MUCH faster than I anticipated {always a bonus} and I couldn’t get these puppies on my feet fast enough. At first glance they did seem higher than I expected, but the truth is I don’t mind one bit. I figure I’m going to wear the heels while I can…so these are the perfect addition to my *collection*.

Two things about these shoes that weren’t initially my *favorite* – the clasp is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, as it’s more of a *faux* buckle. The buckle stays put and there is a tiny hook on the shoe that clasps together. Totally different, and kind of bizarre, but I have to be honest – it works like a charm. And you can’t even tell when you are wearing them!

The second thing is the back. It goes quite a bit higher than where the strap connects, which seems strange and at first feels a bit odd. But honestly, all in all, I’m not too bothered by it.

Sizing for this shoe was pretty spot on. I’m more like a 6-6 1/2 but have to order 7’s because my feet are wider than normal {hello Fred Flinstone} and these fit great…like other 7’s fit me {in fact, even better}. And you know what?


Seriously, these shoes are easily my most comfortable pair, which might surprise you because of the height {surprised me}. I CANNOT wait to try out more of their styles {looks like I’ll have to be quick as they seem to sell out FAST} and already have a long list growing. {Oh AND, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!!}

*squeals of delight*

Check their site out for all sorts of goodies – clothing, jewelry, purses, and more! I am a fan, a huge, huge, fan!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned item at no cost to facilitate this review. I have personally

chosen and worn this item and all opinions and experiences are my own.




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