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California Trip – {Marina Ramada}

After we bid farewell to the fabulous Dennis the Menace Playground we made our way to Marina. Our initial plan was to head to Santa Cruz but a booking issue landed our hotel in Marina. It wasn’t too far away so we decided to embrace it and take it as the way things were meant to go. We stayed one night at the Marina Ramada Hotel that we booked through Hotwire. The hotel was nice and clean and provided a good night’s rest. I don’t honestly remember too much about it, which is a good sign of course. I do remember being grateful for the step up after our last hotel (ants, remember).

We literally made it to Marina to spend the night so we could head off to Santa Cruz the following day…and boy did we have fun!  But I would definitely stay at this hotel again and would recommend it – not remembering is also a clear indicator for me that it was a successful stay!

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