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Mexico Vacay {Roberto and the Buffet}

Having the opportunity to just sleep without worry of a child crawling into bed or waking earlier than I’d like was in short – BLISS. Though we did plan to be up in time to meet with our Air Canada representative, it was soooo different from being woken  up, and I discovered quickly on this holiday that sleeping in was not going to be a blessing of mine (I was okay with that – I hate the idea of wasting sunshine hours lol).

So we met up with our friends and headed to our meeting with Roberto. Roberto (roll the *r*) was in one word – Fantastic. He was energetic, knowledgeable, happy, and really helpful when it came to the excursions, etc. He also was quick – understanding that we all came to be outside, enjoying the holiday and not the four walls of the meeting room. He was excellent and one of the best Reps I’ve experienced – and just in case it matters, I wasn’t the only one who thought so. I’m pretty certain the entire group (there were about 6 couples total) felt the same. I know our friends did.

The pool we spent most of our time at

As for what we did on our first day? And nearly every day after that…well we laid in the sun of course! We spent some time at the beach, though pretty much became a permanent fixture at the pool. We swam, enjoyed some delicious tropical fruity drinks (miami vice is my fave – strawberry daquiri mixed with pina colada), met some new friends, and just enjoyed the sunshine and freedom. My husband also enjoyed a 2 hour nap in the poolside hammock!

Making the most of this R&R vacation!

Our meals were enjoyed at the buffet, which only seemed to get better. We all LOVED the food and raved amongst ourselves as we ate. The variety, and of course for us, the appeal of the kids section (for future holidays) was HUGE. The Staff were amazing and so attentive and ready to help, almost seeing needs before we did. I even saw a server coming out from the kitchen with a bottle he had warmed up for one of the customers – I LOVED that! And of course, enjoyed some cold beverages by the pool (and in, seeing as there was a swim up bar…LOVE).

Totally impressed with the poolside server...

Perhaps my favorite part of each meal was (speaking as an addict of course), the CHEESE! haha….there was this one kind, a jalapeno of some sort that was incredibly delicious. And yes, I did eat a few pieces at EVERY. MEAL.

We were totally taken with this place and as mentioned in my previous post, already planning the next vacation here. Simply put – we were IN LOVE.

The Beach (of course)

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