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*Halloween-After* Party

My kids birthdays have come and gone….End of September and the Beginning of October (6 days apart). Because most of my daughter’s friends have siblings Jonah’s age, I’ve always done their parties together. A lot of kids and a lot of fun! This year was no different, except I was not on my game and only this past weekend got around to doing their party. It was awesome. About 30 kids took over the house, along with some fantastic friends who stayed with their little ones (Jonah’s age – 3) and helped by being an extra pair of eyes. Some played outside (fantastic weather that I am so grateful for), some upstairs on the PS2, and others in the front room watched a movie….and of course we can’t forget the few who parked themselves by the table of chips and candy. haha I also had a great friend save my butt by picking up the pizzas for lunch (thank you $5 Hot n’ Ready Little Caesar’s) – I planned the party for when Brent would be at work (Brooklyn had a party to go to that afternoon and I just wanted to do the party and get it done) so didn’t have him to rely on. But my friend really came through for me  (thanks Jenn!!!!). It was a great party and went even better than I expected. 2 1/2 hours long was the perfect length – enough time to play, eat, and do cake. With this many kids (combined with last year’s experience) I wanted to do presents AFTER the party just as a family (best idea ever!).

My daughter wanted a Halloween party – or a *Halloween-After* party as we called it. So we had everyone dress up – I would post photos of the great costumes and fun times but I don’t know how other parents would feel, so just imagine 30 kids dressed up and having a blast! And all the plates, cups, and napkins I was able to get 50% off at Walmart after Halloween, which always makes me smile! I got some Halloween pumpkin candies for 75% off (even better!!) to decorate the cupcakes (I knew the cake wouldn’t be quite big enough for all the kids) and for a bowl out on the table.

And for the cake – well I like to make them every year. It seems every OTHER year my cake totally flops…thankfully I was up for a good year and was looking forward to making this cake. Brooklyn initially wanted a skeleton – I had NO idea how I was going to do that….so we ended up settling on a Skull and Crossbones cake. Black on one side for Jonah and Pink on the other for Brooklyn. It was simple and quick, and I am really happy with how it turned out. One of the biggest changes I made from year’s past is breaking down and making buttercream icing instead of trying to pipe with cream cheese (I like cream cheese icing so much). HUGE difference! And I got to use the Wilton Piping set I got for Christmas last year for the first time (instead of borrowing). LOVE it!!!!

I had a great time and think the kids did too…and of course, as expected with this many kids – Brooklyn and Jonah were spoiled ROTTEN – and they LOVED it!

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