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I’ve got sewing on the brain…

I have one set of fabric left to make Brooklyn another patchwork skirt, but keep thinking of all the other skirts I want to make for her. The idea of her skipping her way through summer in adorable skirts just makes me giddy….how could it not when she looks this cute?

I had so much fun last year making her some skirts, and now that she’s outgrown most of them I’m itching to replenish her wardrobe. So, I’ve spent a little bit of time browsing on etsy and have found a lovely selection of skirt patterns I am DYING to try. {Can’t wait to shop for the fabric!}

*all are pdf patterns*

The JessaLynn Ruffled Skirt from ViolaLeePatterns {$6.37 CAD}

Ruffle Skirt from AngelLeaDesigns {$12.42 CAD}

Mermaid and Traditional Ruffle Skirt from TenderfeetStitches {$5.09 CAD}

Vivienne Skirt from VioletteFieldThreads {8.67 CAD}

Ruffle Rumba Skirt from littlelizardking {7.14 CAD}

Mary Lee Twirl Skirt {also} from ViolaLeePatterns {$6.12 CAD}

Ruffle Joy Skirt from bridgetandlucy {$8.16 CAD}

Girl’s Skirt from bellasymphony {9.18 CAD} – I have this one but haven’t made it yet

Little Mini Skirt from RedThreadPatterns {$5.86 CAD}

Girls Cheer Skirt {also} from littlelizardking {$7.14 CAD}

I mean, how much fun am I going to have – and how in the world am I going to choose which one{s} to do first?? I have no idea – but I do know, I can’t wait to see this sweet little girl with her new additions {truth is, she’ll probably help me sew them}!



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