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Another hunt for #Equal Low Calorie Sweetener at McDonald’s {with #Cbias}

Well it’s true. I’ve got Equal on the brain! Everywhere we go – everytime I see a food counter or eat in a restaurant or cafe I am on the lookout. Tonight my friend and I went for another lovely *date* to McDonald’s on the hunt for Equal Low Calorie Sweetener. This time we chose to go to the West Lethbridge location, specifically because neither of us had ever been inside this particular one. First impression? A great feeling – it was clean and comfortable (the recent renos are fantastic) and not too crowded, which is always nice. And the staff were helpful and attentive – always a plus!

Love Girl Time!

We changed our initial plan for a coffee date into a full out dinner date so as to maximize on the girly time! Having eyed it for a while now, I finally took the plunge and ordered the Angus {Bacon and Cheese} Burger, with fries and a Coke. It was good, but honestly I went and got some bbq sauce to add to it….it just wasn’t the mindblowing burger experience I was hoping for.

Afterwards I zipped back to the counter to order *dessert* – Two (one for me and one for my friend, silly) Cinnamon Melts and a Coffee with Equal Low Calorie Sweetener. First things first – the Cinnamon Melts are DIVINE! McDonald’s really got this little treat right – and I’m not a big fan of Cinnamon Buns to begin with. But these are awesome..Warm, Gooey, Tasty, and the perfect size!

However, I ran into a wee snag when I asked the girl who was taking my order if they had Equal {she didn’t even flinch when I ordered it, which gave me the impression it was there} and she said they had a different brand. But not Equal. So I took the coffee off my order. When I asked why they didn’t have Equal, and furthermore, why just one option, she was unsure. And she felt there wasn’t a taste difference. Well – I bet there are MILLIONS of Equal fans out there who would wholeheartedly disagree! If we all liked one brand, there wouldn’t be a need for any others.

But there are others, and I am still left to wonder why the LARGEST hamburger fast food chain in the WORLD only offers one teensy option of Low Calorie Sweeteners. So this time I kept my receipt to fill out the online survey about my experience. A part of my survey can be found at  Cute Like Me McDonald’s Survey (sorry for how jumbled it is) – the screenshot of my comments did not work for some reason….and when I went to do a second survey (two separate receipts) it did not have a space for comments beyond telling them what the staff did correctly. I would have added my thoughts into that space had I known. {Live and Learn}

Overall it was an enjoyable experience, but I truly believe that the best way to guarantee customer satisfaction is to provide options. And I absolutely think Equal is among those *need to be offered* options {remember, they have been a trusted brand of sweetener for 30 years!}. As well, there should be a space at the counter or drinks/ketchup station where these sweeteners and stir sticks are offered – at this particular McDonald’s there was neither anywhere. 

You can bet I’ll remain on the lookout and will continue to search out Equal in every food & beverage venue I experience! Like buying a new car – suddenly you notice that same vehicle EVERYWHERE!

There are a few ways of connecting online with both McDonald’s Canada and #EqualCanada.  You will find them both on Twitter at @McD_Canada@EqualCanada.  You can also LIKE McDonald’s CanadaEqual Canada on Facebook.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias.
As always, all opinions on this blog are my own.


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