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23andMe ~ My Life Upside Down

It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas, the DNA kit from 23and Me. I’ve always been curious about my heritage and now there’s a way to find out. But more than that, there’s even a way to be connected to others who share your same DNA. I personally know a few people (my mother included) who have discovered previously unknown family members as a result, which is so amazing though I often joke that their slogan could be:

*Taking Skeletons Out Of the Closet Since 2006* 

Hahahaha….{Also, 2006?? Seems crazy it was developed so long ago}

Okay so I got it for Christmas and sent my spit sample in just days later. And now I wait. 6-8 weeks is the time frame and it feels like an eternity. It’s also something I feel quite anxious about ~ most people get theirs done in the hope of connecting with at least one new family member. But having been adopted, EVERY SINGLE HIT will be someone I don’t currently know. Every single one. There are only two people I know that share my DNA and they are my children. So anything else that comes in is a family member, someone that I don’t know and that also may not even know I exist in the first place. 

Now, nothing changes for me in terms of my parents and family but it absolutely feels like I’m waiting for my life to be turned upside down {yes, I just started singing the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ha!}. What will I find out? How will it feel? Do I reach out or How do I reach out? – Those have me particularly unsure because I want to approach this with a whole lot of grace and caution. I have enough information to know that my birth father is unaware of my existence so I want to exercise extra care with anything that comes up on his side. But will I know? Gah….you guys, it’s a weird, weird feeling. 

But *Welcome To You* also feels pretty incredible too.


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