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Ten Blessings From 2017

I’ve made no secret that 2017 was an incredibly difficult year for me and while I completely believe in being open about our struggles too, and will continue to be, I’m also a huge believer that gratitude and putting forth an energy of positivity is the real secret to happiness.

So I’d like to take a minute and reflect on the past year with this in mind and bring you 10 blessings I received/experienced in 2017 {in no particulary order}:

1. My New Home: Okay, maybe this one is in a particular order because it was absolutely the highlight and biggest blessing of my entire year, perhaps entire life going forward.  A beautiful neighbourhood with incredible new friends, and the perfect little home to fill with only the most positive of memories. And I owe every bit of it to my parents who are total rockstars, not just because they were ABLE to help me but because they were WILLING to. In fact, they didn’t even hesitate. They have completely changed the path of life for both me and my kids, and I could not be more grateful. Every Day.

{Also, my realtor – shoutout Trevor Stuart – is pretty awesome too and brought me this delicious house cake to celebrate! This was me eating it for breakfast. #noshame}

2. New Village: Shortly before I moved, a fellow dance mom and friend invited me to the outdoor pool with a few of the other dance moms. Our kids are in some classes together but because I don’t always stay, I hadn’t forged the same friendships. But let me tell you – despite all having different experiences and opinions, I immediately knew I’d found a new and incredible village. A village I so desperately needed and have repeatedly expressed gratitude to the universe for. Shortly before Christmas we, along with several other equally amazing dance moms, got together for a dinner date while our kids were at the studio Christmas party. You guys, it was so amazing and truly, such a huge blessing! #grateful

3. I held my own in a photo with my babe of a cousin: While I don’t believe in comparing ourselves to others and it’s honestly not something I do, I also value being real about things. And the truth is, as the short curvy girl, I’ve always felt a bit frumpy next to this tall lean one. Okay so maybe not always or maybe just when I have actually been frumpy haha But I feel better and even feel like I look better than I ever have before, and in this photo – in this photo I don’t feel frumpy at all. In fact, I really love how I look, how my babe of a cousin looks, and I love that it took us no less than 100 tries to get a shot we were happy with. Ha!

4. Orange Theory Fitness: I had been feeling it for months, the workout slump. I held on for a while after my trainer went MIA online (no criticism, I completely supported her decision to do so) but then my gym closed and although I was SO excited for the new one to open in it’s place (co-ed, 24 hours, new and beautiful) and went several times, I never got my groove there, it was always busy and I hated the idea of having to fight/wait for equipment. I got bored with my workouts and didn’t have the motivation to figure new ones out. Then summer happened and although working out is absolutely important to me, it felt so complicated to fit into my life, so I stopped going. But I wanted to fit it back in….I wondered if maybe a change in scenery would help so I checked into Orange Theory online and requested more information because there is one close to my house. It honestly took about 3 minutes before they called to follow up (amazing) and within 5 minutes, I was scheduled in for my first (first is always free) workout just 3 days later. And then I ran into an old coworker the following day and the first words out of her mouth were, “Hey, do you want to try Orange Theory?” She had a special promo coupon thing and I got to be the lucky recipient. – The universe knows.

I was an instant fan and can’t imagine my life without it.


5. Getting Pulled Over By The Police: I know it might seem weird but let me explain. Apparently I’m new to this whole adulting thing and my vehicle registration had expired. I also was lucky enough to have my old insurance in my vehicle….but the cop was so ridiculously nice and she let me go, warning me to get it taken care of that day (I did) because they were out and I would likely get caught again. Here’s the thing, they pretty much never let these ones slide but the real reason I feel incredibly grateful it happened is that just a few short weeks later, I was pulled over for speeding on my way home from Calgary. CAN YOU IMAGINE if I hadn’t been pulled over previously and still had expired registration AND my old insurance?


6. Honey Citrus Mint Tea from Starbucks: Because it’s delicous and feels like the perfect spoily treat.

7. Photoshoot: I found a new workout wear company in Canada that I am absolutely in love with, and in the summer I was lucky enough to be asked to do a photoshoot. I even got to invite a friend along and we seriously had the best time! Here are some shots from the actual photoshoot {photo credit: Canadian Condition Addiction}:

And of course, a few of my own photos because you know I can’t help the selfies 😉

I am IN LOVE with the mesh leggings, I get complimented on the purple shirt every time I wear it, the sports bras have been known to give my friends *boob envy* haha, and the pullover jacket is sooooo comfy! My next plan is to get the black leggings (without see through mesh) so I can live in them at work too. #bestplanever

8. I Learned What Self Care Really Looks Like For Me: It’s different for everyone but for me, I’ve discovered that the things that fill my cup and make me the most balanced and happy include: selfie shoots, lots of bubble baths (probably 4 a week), my newest habit of getting a brazilian wax (read about my experience HERE), going for massages every two weeks, allowing myself time to sit and watch a show (This is Us won my heart in every way), eating healthy (about 80% meat free) and cooking for friends, hibernating, clearing the space to clear the mind (my closet cleanout after most of my pieces no longer fit), pampering with a face mask, going to a live theatre production (it was SO good), and others not pictured ~ listening to podcasts/audiobooks, working out, watching movies with my kids, girls nights, attending and helping organize charity events, splurges at Starbucks – not surprisingly, many of my other listed blessings. These are things that bring me great joy and further allow me to spread it.

9. Springfree Trampoline: 2016 was also a challenging year but I felt strongly about leaning my efforts towards putting more goodness into the universe and that in doing so, things would work out. It might seem silly to some of you but receiving an invite to a blogger only Springfree event in Calgary and then an e-mail shortly after discussing the possibility of working together, felt like exactly that: evidence that what I was doing was working and that the universe was conspiring to make things happen. To you, it might be just a trampoline but to me, it was hope. It was validation. And it was everything I needed to believe that what I was doing and giving to the world was good.

And getting to surprise my kids in the spring of 2017 with their very own trampoline was pure gold. Watch the video HERE 

10. Younique – I know you might be rolling your eyes but it absolutely rounds this list out perfectly. I purchased the presenters kit in December 2016 and sat on it, unopened for 2 months and then opened for another month. And then I caught the fire. I am truly so in love with their mineral based makeup and skincare products and use them almost exclusively, but more than that, my focus and excitement is really on the blessing of women helping women. Women {AND Men!!} becoming stronger and more confident and as a result, feeling more beautiful and capable and becoming greater contributors to the world. THAT is what I want to impact – the way we see ourselves and the way we put ourselves out there. My involvement with this company and amazing products truly could not have come at a better time. I needed it….I needed a reason to get involved, to push myself, to take chances and push the limits of my comfort zone. And believe it or not, a reason to take one.more.selfie. HA! I kid, I kid….but it has helped with my selfie game and I am not kidding when I list that as one of my top ways to self care.


My life is blessed. My heart is full. 

And I am truly grateful. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. 

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