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I’m Glad My Kids Went Away For the Week #notwhatyouthink #18summers #theseareyourdays #makingmemories

Last Friday my cousin texted to see if I was willing to have her 4 kids for the night. {Obviously I said yes – I honestly love her kids and having extra kids over in general}. Then she even sweetened the deal, offering to take my kids back home with her for the week. #partyofsix

Say what?!

It’s usually difficult for me to accept help so my first reaction was to turn down the offer, but something stopped me. I knew I needed it….not a break from them. Not that at all. I needed them to have a fun week.

For the first time since going back to work 3 years ago, I’m hating that I’m working during their summer break. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my job {seriously} and it’s only part time so I will still get time and lots of fun with them, but I want my stay at home mom time freedom back again. I hate that the bulk of their day is spent at the mercy of my working. The ability to get out and do fun things always has to wait until I’m off.

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18 Summers, my friends.

We only get 18 summers with our kids {if we’re lucky}….and I’m spending half of this one in the office, NOT with my kids. *cue tears* ~ I know I’m being dramatic, but let me. I know where my heart is and where it wants to be, and that’s making memories with my kids. I believe in living in the now…and feeling like I’m missing out on some of that is hitting me hard this year and simply making me feel the feels.

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BUT, knowing they were making memories with cousins and being sent daily photo updates plus nightly texts from my kids was the very next best thing. Because even though I may have been missing out, knowing they weren’t fills my cup in more ways than I can count.

Quite frankly, I have the best cousins. And so do my kids!

these are your days laura taylor photography summer fun making memories 3

{Haha…my cousin has never known a child to sleep like Brooklyn. She text me the third photo and said, *Should I be worried? Do you think she’s dead?* Bahahahahaha}

**A HUGE thank you to my amazing cousin, Laura of Laura Taylor Photography for taking my kids and providing me with these fabulous {iPhone} photo memories**



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