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Family Photos {I’m A Total Fluke} #thesearethedays

I am a pretty lucky girl – I have TWO incredible photographers {nearly} at my disposal…they are two of my closest cousin friends and are both *blow your socks off* amazing. In both life and photography. I’m not just biased, though of course I love them, but they are seriously THAT good!

My cousin, Laura – of Laura Taylor Photography – specializes in newborn photography. Her photos will make your heart melt. every. single. time.

And my cousin, Radelle – of Eternal Reflections Photography – does wedding photography exclusively. And her photos will make you swoon. every. single. time.

Luckily for me, she steps outside her *comfort zone* once a year or so to take our family photos. Now, the funny thing is, every time I watch America’s Next Top Model I think to myself *how hard can it be?*…..

and then I get in front of the camera.

I am SO awkward. I’m terrible at posing, body and face. And any good shots are seriously a complete fluke! I mean it.

storyboard121For example: the photo on the left….my one and only classic pose. I ALWAYS do this chin-to-shoulder pose. always. Photo on the right…complete fluke. I have a naturally frowny shaped mouth {strange for someone who always smiles} so I can’t generally do the no-smile face successfully.

Need another example?

storyboard107LOVE the photos….but my posing, while okay, is a little lack lustre. But what else do you do with such a boring and awkward subject? ūüėČ Always a hand on hip – to create the waist effect! {seriously, do it!}…and I wish I had worn different shoes. But that’s not a photo issue haha.

Okay another one? And surprisingly my favorite of the shoot {of myself}:

storyboard117These photos are a result of me TRYING to get the posing and facial expressions right and just laughing at myself. Not to mention the photo on the left – classic chin to shoulder.


See, it’s the mark of a photographic genius…to take this awkward girl and capture these amazing moments. I am IN LOVE with these photos and will be getting a rather large canvas made for above our couch in the living room.

And for your viewing pleasure {even though you can see them on the header of the blog} here are some additional photos from the shoot:

storyboard106storyboard110storyboard116storyboard113These two clearly didn’t inherit my awkwardness…I love this set!

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