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A{nother} Julep Review Part I #julep

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I’ve already done a Julep review once before, but seeing as I still haven’t cancelled my subscription and managed not to skip some months in time – I had 4 beautiful boxes waiting for me at the condo. Yay to my sister in law for bringing them back for me {she went at a different time}.

Wanna know what I got and what I think?

Well, okay…

First things first – Julep made some changes to the American Beauty maven profile, first changing it’s name to Modern Beauty aaaand also started adding more products instead of all. those. nailpolishes. #happygirl

Let’s start with November 2012 {pre-switch to Modern Beauty}:

1. Amber and Brit Nailpolishes

So – I immediately LOVED these colours, despite their being matte finish. I have only tried Brit so far, and honestly was THRILLED when I put it on. Until it dried – they weren’t kidding when they said matte. lol – and I’ve said it before, but this sealed the deal. Matte finish looks HORRIBLE on me.

julep without topcoat

Amber and Brit without topcoat {see they don’t look bad on her}

And to have a comparison, because I put a topcoat on:

julep with topcoat

Amber and Brit with topcoat

The added shine made all the difference. I can’t wait to do my nails with the Amber colour!

2. Nailpolish remover pads:

remover pads

Travel Nailpolish Remover Pads {Genius}

This photo comes from Skinskarma, where you can also read a short review of this Julep product.

My thoughts? I’m not crazy enough to try these out when I’m not travelling and then not have them when I am. But I am THRILLED to have this product for our next vacay. I hate trying to take an open bottle of remover or throwing it away to avoid bringing it home. Remover is relatively inexpensive, so it’s not a huge deal. But this, THIS will save the hassle and worry of remover soaked clothing and accessories. I’m in!

3. Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting:

pink grapefruit body frosting

Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting

I am IN LOVE with this body frosting. IN LOVE. I love the smell – I love the texture – I love the way my skin feels afterwards. It’s plain ol’ delicious! Even for those with perfume sensitivities, I think this product would be great. The pink grapefruit is subtle and refreshing. My favorite go-to for the summer this year.

And then I skipped a few months, and found myself in February. Time for another Julep box I figured – and it did not disappoint!

1. Sally and Joan {inspired by Sally Field and Joan Crawford}

**Random fact that is sure to change your life: As a teenager I was often told I looked like Sally Field. Life changing, right?**

sally and joan

Sally and Joan Nailpolish

Despite my *claim to fame* via Sally Field, this colour isn’t exactly one that will be my favorite. I mean, I love it, but don’t see it working on me as a nailpolish. I promise to try it though and see! Joan on the other hand is EXACTLY my kind of colour. I love deep colours {and brights, if you are wondering} and this nailpolish is beautiful! It almost looks a bit purple-y on my toes, like a deep purple-y fuchsia or something. I am loving it!

2. Oxygen Nail Treatment and Freedom Polymer Top Coat

top coat and nail treatment

Freedom Polymer Top Coat and Oxygen Nail Treatment

I seem to be really hard on my nails so my nailpolish hardly lasts a day without wearing off. Fake nails? Forget about it…I break at least 2 the first day. So finding a great top coat is important. I was really happy with it the first time I used it, but am curious to do a hand to hand comparison with myself. I’ll update you all when I do.

The Oxygen Nail Treatment – no idea. I need a serious manicure day where I do it the right way – step by step. I’m really looking forward to trying all of their nail products in one go! Beautiful nails here I come!

3. Eyelash Curler

my beauty mania

Red Carpet Ready Eyelash Curler

Photo is from My Beauty Mania – Read her review on other Julep products

I take pride in my eyelashes. I got through phases of curling and not curling them, because I don’t really *need* to as mine are naturally curled. But I love the extra oomph for sure, so I’ve been on a lengthy curling kick! At first glance this lash curler had me all sorts of confused. I had NO idea how exactly it was going to be used that way. Well, rest assured I figured it out and have since given it a legitimate try.

My thoughts? Not overly thrilled. I don’t know if it’s because my eyes are big and maybe it would be better on someone with smaller eyes and a smaller lash line? Who knows. I compared it to my regular eyelash curler and it seemed similar in size so I really have no idea. I will give it another try, but I’m not over the moon about it like some other products. A real shame, if you ask me….I had high hopes for this little beauty. But I’m not ready to get rid of it just yet – it’s going to become my purse companion…juuuuust in case I ever need a little *pick me up* in the lash department 😉

4. Chocolate heart candies {Jonah ate mine}:

Nice touch 😉

Two more months to go {March and April}, but for now I hope this tides you over. If you are wondering what the hype about Julep is….I just learned a nifty little fact that makes me not want to ever cancel my subscription. Not because I’m a brand name snob {obviously, I just learned about this connection}, but because it simply peaks my interest a little more.

Julep products can be found at Sephora. I haven’t personally shopped there {shame on me}, but have heard nothing but awesome things about their products. And to me, the fact that they carry Julep products speaks highly of the products. Don’t  you agree?

All photos {except those otherwise noted} have been used with permission from the Julep Blog, where you can find out all sorts of nifty information about their products as well as promotions and new items. Check it out!

**Julep has no idea who I am {except to tweet with permission to use their photos}, and they have not compensated me in any way for this {or my other} blog post. All opinions are my own, but remember – not one product works the same for everything, so try something new and have some fun with it! And let me know {and Julep} how you like it!**

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