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Elephoto {One More Goal Accomplished!}

It’s been TWO and a half years since our fabulous Disneyland trip {I should really blog about that} and there is something I’ve been dying to do since then. We went with some friends of ours from California, whom we’d never met. Yep. I met my friend Lindsey {Evie’s mom} online and over the years we’ve become incredibly close. Like sisters, if you will. And this trip, although gutsy, just seemed like the perfect opportunity to meet.

Drive to their home and meet for the first time….stay overnight and celebrate second daughter’s birthday. Drive to Disneyland for 3 days, then onto San Diego to share a beach house for 5 more. That’s normal right?

Well let me tell you….I guess they could have been crazy psychopaths – or on their end of risk, we could have been too….but we had the BEST time! Her sister and little boy also came to the beach house {extra protection I imagine lol} which just made it even more fun.

SO, for 2 years now, I have had a file filled with HUNDREDS of photos just waiting to be turned into a memorable keepsake to send to Lindsey and her family. So when Elephoto contacted me in April about doing a giveaway, offering me a coupon code of my own as well, I knew EXACTLY what to use it on. And now that it’s arrived at Lindsey’s {yesterday in fact} I can blog about it. HOORAY!


I have to be honest, the software was a little trickier to navigate in the beginning compared to other programs I’ve used. But once I got the hang of it, I felt like a pro and it was super easy. And I am THRILLED with the finished product. Shipping was so fast and it’s definitely a quality finished product.

I seem to have neglected taking a photo of it, but I did leave some pages half blank {white} so that Lindsey could fill in her own memories of the trip. Things they experienced, her kids said, and other things they remember.

Curious to know the reaction on it’s arrival? Well let’s just say all 3 kids were fighting over who would get to have it in their room overnight, even Evie, who was still in China {awaiting her adoption into this loving family} at the time of this trip.

One more goal accomplished. One more gift given. And many more memories made.

{Now we just need a vacay together so I can make up a book that includes photos of Evie!}

**I received a gift code for the above mentioned custom made book

at no charge to help facilitate this review. All opinions and experiences are my own**

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