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I’m Proud To Be A Crappy Mom! #notacrappymom

Before I had kids I knew exactly how to parent them {HA!}, what choices were right and best, and why certain children acted in certain ways. As I’ve gotten older and my parenting experience has broadened, I’ve learned A LOT. I’ve learned that there is no right way to parent, that every child really is different, and that every step is different than the last. So all in all, I will always have a lot to learn about parenting…but I do feel I know the most about parenting MY children. And even that is still a confusing and long road sometimes.

And one thing I dislike more than anything are the mommy wars that can result from different parenting styles. Just today I saw this awesome photo from Granola Babies on Facebook and immediately shared it. It’s perfect. It’s true. And even still, with mommies on both sides of these issues, mommy wars continue to rage.

Life with Levi, a blog I love to follow experienced one such war today over the topic of circumcision. I admit, I missed the drama over on her Facebook page, but the comments following lead me to believe some incredibly judgemental and unkind things were said…and directed at specific moms. It’s pretty sad to be honest. As a result, she wrote a blog post about being a crappy mom and all the things she is doing that will undoubtedly *screw* up her kid. All tongue in cheek of course, but the principal is not lost.

I have amazing kids, not without their challenges {are any kids really exempt from this?}, and there have been times in my *parenting career* that I have been at a complete loss as to how to best navigate the situations facing me. I have  been criticized over the years with regards to my parenting and my children, although I can honestly say I am comfortable in my choices {interestingly completely the opposite of how I thought I would do it prior to having kids lol}, and really believe in and see the amazing little people I have the privilege of raising.

But, in keeping with Jen’s theme, I thought I, too would add a list of things I do that may qualify me as a *Crappy* Mom and will undoubtedly *screw up* my kids:

*I had them 3 years apart

*I don’t call them names

*I tell them a hundred times a day that I love them {overkill, if there is such a thing}

*I show them too

*I lay with them at bedtime

*I like to cook *real* food for them

*Sometimes we eat macaroni and cheese

*I don’t immunize

*I don’t like time outs

*I rarely take them for checkups

*Sometimes we stay in our pyjamas all day long

*I don’t discipline for every infraction

*We like to take them on holidays

*We TALK, TALK, TALK, a lot about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors

*In the summer, we stay up REALLY late

*We love pop

*I don’t give them medicine very often when they are sick

*Sometimes I get angry

*I bathe them at least every other day

*I let them fight

*We play outside

*I breastfed my daughter for 15 months

*My son had real people food at 5 months old, and weaned at 11 months old

*I don’t always follow through

*He’s not circumcised {I can’t believe I just put info about his body parts on the world wide web}

*We read to them almost every night

*They’ve both had cavities

*They were both in their rear facing bucket seats until nearly 18 months old

*I buy my kids second hand clothes

*I also buy them brand name

*We watch tv

*I let them listen to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Alternative/Hard Rock music, etc.

*They play on their own

*We have *No Manners Mondays*

*I don’t give them milk very often

*We engage in *Potty Talk* at home

*I love and adore their dad {truly}

*I let my daughter text {8 this month}

*We laugh A LOT!

*And sometimes when my kids are having a moment and I am feeling particularly frustrated, I feel impressed to just hold them instead of get angry….and so I do. And it’s in these moments that magic and memories are created.

{Taken from Life with Levi – it was so perfect I didn’t want to re-write it}:

These are all things I do as a parent. I don’t feel the need to defend or justify my actions. I am happy to talk with others about my parenting style, philosophy, or decisions, because I know being a mom (or dad) is tough, and sometimes it’s helpful to hear how {or even why} other people are doing things.

I don’t care if some people think the things listed above make me a “crappy” mom.

I am Brooklyn and Jonah’s mom.

What matters to me is that they feel loved, safe, and nurtured.

So far, I think I’m doing alright.


I am PROUD to be a {NOT} Crappy Mom.

And you should be too!

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