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Squishy Baff {NOT for the *Baff*} #makingmemories

A few months ago when the commercial came on for Squishy Baff, Jonah asked if we could buy it. Not only are we on a huge *buying stuff* hiatus {how much stuff do they even need???}, but it also looked like something I would regret buying. Bathtub cleanup anyone? Jonah asked if we could buy it when we were at the condo and I agreed. It the one place we splurge a little to make the holiday extra special.

The last week of August we were at the condo, and saw Squishy Baff in Target. Immediately the kids were asking for it, and I was trying desperately to deny them. lol But Jonah remembered our conversation from months before and said *But mom, before we came to the condo and I asked, you said we could get it when we were here.*


I had forgotten about the conversation and in that moment, wished he had too. I didn’t end up buying it until a few days later when my sister in law and I decided to bite the bullet. Enough for two baths made it an easy activity to share and let all the kids experience.

I’m sure your kids have seen the commercials, and you’ve probably had to ward off their requests to buy it {They NEED it, after all}. Now you can have something to go by – want to know my opinion?

Well, here’s the thing…..there is enough for two baths IF each bath consists of just 2″ of water. I don’t know about you, but our kids bathe in a nice full tub – certainly not just a couple of inches. So the impact for my nephews who tried it first was not quite what they had hoped. Interestingly, my 3 year old nephew wouldn’t go anywhere near the strange blue water, and had to be coaxed in even after it was changed back {special powder} and the tub was drained AND refilled. He wasn’t entirely convinced it was gone.

Speaking of the special *change back* powder – it really does work. So that’s certainly an added bonus and does make it more appealing as far as the *cleanup factor* goes.

But because you need such a little amount of water for the desired effect, I decided to skip the bathtub portion of it and waited until we were home. We took a bucket onto the deck one sunny afternoon and mixed it in there, thinking the kids could just play that way. Jonah was in heaven {Brooklyn wasn’t interested which proves my theory that for her the GETTING is more exciting than the HAVING…another primary reason we’ve stopped buying things at random} and played for a while. Completely nude – I know they show the kids in swimsuits on the website and commercials, but I didn’t even want him wearing his underwear in it…..I can’t imagine it not staining or wrecking fabric to some degree. {Also, the change back powder didn’t work for us because we didn’t have enough water to start with}.

A bigger container would have been better as I think we actually could have used MORE water….but it still worked

Nevertheless, I am a big fan of the deck idea, not of the bath idea. Why would you want to bathe your kids in this?

Taking the first *dip*


Jonah thought this was a pretty awesome activity


And of course, it doubles as a hair product {ewwwww}


It was a pretty neat consistency that made playing easy!


Hehe, lovin’ it!


All done – you can faintly see the mess in the background….The deck was probably NOT the best place. Maybe the grass next time.

How does this make memories?: Just take a look at the smile on Jonah’s face, and you’ll see – Memories were certainly being made ūüôā


**Disclosure: I was not reimbursed in any way for my feature of this product. I purchased Squishy Baff

myself and all opinions and experiences are completely my own!**

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