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Body By Vi {Have You Tried It?}

Body by Vi is one of the meal replacement programs taking the dieting world by storm – actually, the *change in lifestyle* world by storm. It’s not really a *diet* at all, and really does involve a change in lifestyle – a change in thinking….and {the best part} a change in your overall health and weight!

Using a variety of products to help promote eating less {and less junk}, have more energy, and supplement with necessary nutrients, Body by Vi can help you achieve and/or maintain a healthier weight….without feeling deprived.

BUT….does it taste any good?

I received a sampler pack from Body by Vi consultant, Kris Fisher with the 4 products pictured above: Vi-Shape Shake Mix, Vi-Trim Clear Control {Supplement}, Shape-Up Health Flavor Mix-In, and the Prolonged Energy drink mix.

First thing that impressed me – the noted allergens so you don’t have to be concerned. For example, the Shake Mix is Gluten Free {why I agreed to try it out} but does contain milk and soy. The Clear Control has nothing noted so hopefully that means it’s a pretty neutral product with nothing questionable. And the Flavor Mix-In and Prolonged Energy drink are both labelled to mention they are manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing milk, eggs, soybeans wheath, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts and peanut flavor. WOW – that’s quite a list, but really speaks highly {to me} of their quality as a company. Most of these allergies can’t be taken lightly and being aware of the potential contact can make all the difference.

Because I don’t have a noticeable reaction to wheat/gluten {just like the way I feel when I’m not eating it} I haven’t worried too much about these labels, at least for this experiment.

First up – The Prolonged Energy Drink in Passionfruit Crush. I noticed I was lagging a little bit with energy a few days ago and happened to also notice this package staring at me from the counter. So I grabbed a glass of water and mixed it in.

Verdict? GREAT! I would probably mix it with more water next time as I found it didn’t all dissolve completely….but still it was okay, even though I’m not a huge fan of passionfruit it was definitely something I could drink. And I don’t recall continuing to be tired, so that’s always a plus if it does what it’s supposed to.

Tomorrow I’ll be making the Shake and the other two products, so watch for my mini-reviews…the more info the better when it comes to finding a product that is right for you.

**Disclosure: I was sent the starter kit as described at no cost to facilitate this {and following} review{s}.

As always, all opinions are my own**


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