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California Trip – {Concord Crowne Plaza}

So, funny story. We decided to try and catch a few more beach days before making the trip home to our hubbies. Looking at an online map we tried to figure out what cities (with decent hotel options) would be the best option to make this happen. So, upon further research (ie map searching) we decided upon Concord (yep, like the grape).

Fact: Concord has no beaches. Not one.

But true to form, we did not let this stop us. And in so many ways it became one of our favorite stops of the trip. The best part? We stayed THREE nights….the first time our entire vacation, we were able to just stop and relax…and, well, breathe. Our vacation was amazing…absolutely amazing, but it was definitely go, go, go. So this downtime was very welcome. And the perfect way to transition into the trip home.

Using Hotwire we found ourselves booked in at the fabulous Crowne Plaza Concord (near Walnut Creek) and we felt sooooo posh. LOL We may have added a bit more sway to our walk, and walked around saying *PLAH-ZA* to add that fancy flair (which actually, is how I say it anyways…lol). And we LOVED every.second.

We ordered in PF.Changs one night after the kids were asleep, and enjoyed an in-room movie each night…and spent our days playing (blog posts to come). It was perfect.

The hotel was fabulous and beautiful…the rooms were clean and spacious…and beautiful! And we could have stayed there another week. We totally talked about it. LOL

Behind/beside the hotel is the Fly in California, Buchannan Field….offering flight training, recreational flying, etc. And if you’re worried about it being noisy (like an airport), don’t. It’s isn’t at all, and our room was on the side facing it – we heard only a few planes and none of them were any interruption or during any inconvenient times. And our kids LOVED seeing the planes!

We would stay here again IN A HEARTBEAT!

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