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Mexico Vacay *Dolphinaris* Part II

If you’ve been reading along, you probably remember my first Dolphinaris post. You also probably remember that not only had I been waiting *dreaming* of this for 15 years, but that the experience far exceeded my expectations. It was amazing and I could not have asked for better.

So why the second part to this post? Well, quite simply, because there were two parts to this experience…

I had planned from the beginning to purchase the DVD of our images for the $40 we were informed it would cost. Not too bad I thought (in fact I thought it was really reasonable) – and honestly with as amazing as everything was, I was prepared to spend more. Which is saying something because there are few things I dislike more than additional costs, though I realize in situations like this it’s just the way it goes. And my friend, because we had such an amazing time – decided partway through that she would also purchase a DVD.

Here’s the thing….while the photos *prints or on DVD* were pricey, actually ridiculously so, it was the total cost of the DVD with all images and the video (how fun to go back and watch) that really had us at a standstill. Any guesses???

$350 USD

Dead. Serious.

I can honestly say I had NO idea what to do….I mean, what do you do with that? It’s not double what I was told or expected. That I could have dealt with…but this? How do you even begin to try and work something out? We were very clear at expressing our frustration while still trying to be respectful and collected….honestly, it was hard. After spending quite a while in *discussion* over this situation (I really believe, right or wrong, companies should honour what a customer was told) we were able to get 8 photos on the DVD for *gasp* $70.

There are no words. And still, 5 months after the fact, if I think too much about it I get frustrated. Maybe it’s silly, and maybe I’m overreacting (though I don’t really think so lol)…but I still cannot believe it. Nevermind, getting the DVD with our *8* photos on it that also included 8 random dolphin and facility photos. *sigh*

Am I the only one that thinks this looks phony?

What about this one??

So here’s the thing….if you want an incredible experience and you don’t care about the photos or video, then 100% visit Dolphinaris. On these factors alone, I have no hesitation AT ALL in recommending this facility. It was well worth the $120 we each spent to go – without a doubt.

BUT (remember, part II),

If you do care about the memories – the photos or the video (or both) – I cannot in good conscience recommend Dolphinaris (Riviera Maya). I just can’t…and it pains me because I had such a wonderful time. I just wish I had the ability to see ALL the photos again and watch the whole experience – how fun it would have been to show my kids, they would have LOVED it.

Next time I guess….you can bet I’ll be doing my thorough research before booking another Dolphin Experience.


**Disclaimer: No part of my experience was compensated and I was responsible for covering all expenses. The opinions expressed are my own and reflect my personal experience. My attempt to discuss this matter via e-mail remains unanswered**

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