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Ol’ MacDonald had a…RESORT??

Oh it’s true. And it was seriously the best campground I’ve been to in a long time. They have thought of everything….a fabulous beach (we spent our days there), playgrounds, go carts you can rent and ride around (pedal ones), ice cream shops, a little restaurant, a small train ride for the kids, and more (like mini golf and paddle boats). I went with 4 cousins and 1 friend (affectionately *the import* lol) and NO husbands. Between us we had 9 kids under the age of 5 and you’d think it would be stressful but honestly this place made it really nice and easy. We all pitched in and helped each other out, especially my kidless cousin, Nikki who was  HUGE help to everyone (and is sooo invited on every holiday for this reason – and of course because she rocks!) and had a blast.

I even lost my son at one point (yes I panicked, remembering he had been talking about wanting to go to the beach just minutes before *gasp* – he’s 2 1/2) but some awesome campers noticed him wandering and were walking him to the main restaurant when we crossed paths (relief).

We got about one great beach day in total before it started to POUR and HAIL…and proceeded to POUR for about 18 hours until it was time for us to pack up. Thank you Mother Nature for easing up on the rain while we packed everything to make the trek home.

This awesome campground is about 1/2 an hour out of Red Deer, Alberta and although the directions from the website are completely accurate and easy to follow I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was in in the wrong place. Seriously, where would a beach be amidst all those canola fields? But it’s there and it’s fabulous….and I HIGHLY recommend it! I can’t wait to go back with the kids, next time for AT LEAST a week (but probably more).

So check it out. The site rates are completely reasonable and you can rent group sites or even little cabins (which look totally adorable) if you want.

**sidenote – The best part about the beach is how far out it stays shallow…so nice that the kids can just play in the sand and water without having to worry so much about them going under! awesome! **

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