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Why Going to the Gym is Easy for Me… #notwhatyouthink #thesearethedays #yearofme

I’ve always been a believer that we make time for the things that matter ~ That if something is truly important, we will FIND the time and MAKE it happen. For example, I’ve made the choice to make the time for the gym and because it’s important to me I’ve made the choice to sacrifice certain things in order to make it happen: time with friends, pedicure dates, kid-less grocery trips and a whole scad of other things I could do with an afternoon to myself.

go work out year of me cute like me working out

Sometimes this is only half the equation

BUT…I think it would be really unfair and a wee bit self righteous to claim that that is the only factor, that the only reason I’m able to go to the gym is because it’s important enough to me.

The truth is there are other reasons that going to the gym is not only possible, but easy for me right now:

1. I work part time allowing me the ability to spend my afternoon at the gym.

2. My kids are in school full time making my afternoon workouts possible and making it so they don’t take time away from our family time.

3. We can afford it. Yes it’s just $30 a month at my gym, but there was a time not too long ago, that even that would have been an unnecessary expense. No you don’t need a gym and for a long time I did home videos, but this time my goals are very specific and do require time at a gym.

4. The Captain is AMAZING and incredibly supportive. He is easily the biggest reason I have been able to commit to this. It’s not just about supporting my time at the gym either, he’s really stepped up to help even more around the house and with the kids.

walk outside get outside year of me these are the days

In the beginning, day 7 was *walk outside* day and it was easily my favourite.

Look, I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t important to me and if I didn’t have goals set, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t be ABLE to do this if it weren’t for the factors mentioned above and the support from the Captain. I’ve been a gym member 3 other times over the past 10 years and, each time there were different reasons it was both easy and difficult. And different reasons it didn’t last, but for the first time I actually feel like I am able to make this a permanent lifestyle. In addition to my commitment and motivation, everything is working together to make it work.

So go easy on yourself. Because even if it is important to you, other factors have to fall into play in order for it to work. Do what you can and when you can, do more. That’s it…as simple as that.

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