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California Trip {Thanksgiving Dinner – Carrows}

So what do you do for Thanksgiving Dinner when you are on the road? We weren’t sure either…and clearly underestimated how much of a stand-still the United States comes to on this holiday. We arrived in Roseville around 8pm, and proceeded to look for dinner first before checking into our hotel. Thank goodness we did or we may have starved to death. Literally.

NOTHING WAS OPEN! Seriously….dark lights everywhere…no cars to be seen. Until…


We really lucked out here actually because they were closing up shortly, but the fabulous lady working was so accomodating (and sympathetic) and we were able to order our food to go. She really saved us…a long day of travelling, with hungry and tired (and ready for bed) kids…(okay and us too) could have turned disastrous.

So we got our food to go and headed to our hotel. Can I just tell you, not only do I love Carrows because they saved us that night but also because the food was AMAZING! I had a pot roast or something that was absolutely divine….In fact, we loved our food so much (and the workers there) that we went back the two nights later for a sit down meal to really enjoy it.

So Thank you to the Carrows in Roseville – and the workers there November 25th, 2011…You were fabulous and really helped us out! If you are ever hungry and in need of a guaranteed great meal, Carrows is an excellent place to stop (AND kids eat FREE after 4pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays!).






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