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You Won’t Find Me On Online Dating Sites

I’m not even technically divorced though have been separated for just over 2 years now. I know that online dating is the thing to do and although I totally support it and think it can be a great way to meet people, you won’t find me on any sites. Nope, not even one. Here’s why:

I’m not looking for a boyfriend and I’m not looking for a husband. And I’m not looking for hookups either (sorry Tinder). 

I don’t plan to ever marry again (although to be fair, I loved being married) and I am not out seeking someone to hold some *boyfriend* title in my life. I don’t need a dad for my kids or help with my day to day life or finances. To be clear, I’m not opposed to someone that fills a partner type role but you won’t find me signing up on dating sites to find one. And while I do love meeting new people, I personally prefer it to happen organically. I know enough people who know enough people, and I get introduced to new friends regularly (yes, some online). 

And the truth is, while I have always had male and female friends and can roll with almost any crowd of people, I get wildly uncomfortable if I feel like someone might be alluding to or interested in more than I am. Or if I make my personal boundaries clear and someone’s comments or actions indicate they either don’t believe me or are hoping to change my mind. It seriously stresses me out. 

Now, it’s not because I think everyone is attracted to me or wanting to date me. In reality, the complete opposite is true and I either assume nobody is or I simply don’t think of it, largely because I do not get hit on in my regular, day to day life. I am also a big believer that guys and girls can be *just* friends so I’m unassuming in someone’s intentions. It’s my preferred approach but at the same time, because of this, I miss all.the.cues. which can be so wildly awkward. I’d rather just avoid it.

Besides, what on earth would I put for the About Me section? Gosh….okay let me blog about that sometime Hahahahahaha


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